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The Top 10 Tips & Tools To Become A More Productive SEO Professional

As it goes with any profession that requires you to spend a majority of your time online, you have to be very careful to keep focused on the task in front of you. For social media and SEO professionals remaining engaged on your specific task is especially crucial. [pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]It’s easy when you’re publishing a guest blog post, reading up on the newest Google update, or otherwise updating a client’s Facebook page to forget what you are working on and lose your mind in the abyss that is the internet.[/pullquote] It’s easy when you’re publishing a guest blog post, reading up on the newest Google update, or otherwise updating a client’s Facebook page to forget what you are working on and lose your mind in the abyss that is the internet. When this happens 30 minutes can go by before you snap back to reality and realize you just stalked on an old friend’s profile, laughed at ten memes about a fuzzy cat, and watched a YouTube video of some kid injuring himself on a skateboard.

So here are the ten tips and online tools to help keep you focused and productive as an SEO or internet marketing professional. 

1. Stay Focused
Stayfocusd is a browser extension that allows you to create a blacklist of websites you know that slows your productivity and sets an amount of time you can spend on them each weekday. It also includes sites you visit from your blacklist and can suggest sites you might want to add to your blacklist based on behavior.

2. Quick Login for Google Accounts
Do you have multiple logins for personal and professional Google Accounts? Then the Quick Login for Google Accounts extension is right for you! Using the quick login allows you to quickly switch between up to 10 Google accounts and the best part is, you don’t have to remember all your passwords for the differing accounts!  

3. WriteMonkey
WriteMonkey is a word processor that can help with longer consultancy documents or blog posts. It boils the writing process down and enables you to get through the writing stage of producing a document much faster.

 4. Leverage Pocket
Pocket is a useful tool that allows you to easily store interesting articles, videos, or snippets of text in a virtual portfolio to review at a better time. Now you can go back and read that recommended blog post you found in your morning email on how to beat”Google’s Penguin update” while you are waiting for a burrito on your lunch break. Oh yes, Pocket has an app so that any content saved via your computer, ipad, or phone is immediately synced. 

 5. Use A Timer
Timer is a good tool to help build your attention span and is another Google chrome app available for free. If you really struggle to concentrate on a piece of work, start off by trying to focus on it for just 10 minutes of your time then build that time up and up.

6. Hear the Music, but Don’t Listen to It
It gets awfully boring when all you hear is silence for too long. At Dinomite SEO we allow all our team members to play music while they work. What we’ve found is that some people work better and faster when they have music playing while others enjoy complete silence. Try adding some music to your workday and you may notice you feel more productive.

7. Use SaneBox For Email Organization
How you go about organizing and responding to emails is actually very important to your productivity. We use SaneBox to filter out emails by their level of importance so that our inbox is automatically organized for us. Emails from our clients stay in our inbox while emails from subscription sites are neatly organized into a separate folder while “follow up emails” have yet another folder. It is really our favorite tool of the bunch.

8. Sleep Like A Baby
Easier said than done but we all can agree; one of the greatest boosts to productivity is getting more sleep. How can you get more sleep? For starters don’t drink coffee after noon. Caffeine can stay in your system up to 8 hours. Next, don’t eat dessert or candy after dinner. Skipping dessert may not be fun but feeling tired and unproductive is worse. Plus skipping dessert is only going to benefit your health otherwise. Last tip: try meditating before you go to bed. Thinking positive thoughts helps to relax your mind.

9. Want It Bad Enough
Ultimately, if you feel you are being unproductive, take a step back and question your underlying thoughts about your job. Do you love your work? If not then evaluate whether you have the opportunity to switch your career or the company you’re working for. It’s much better to evaluate your options while you have them before your boss questions the output and quality of your work later on. Don’t wait to have a Jerry Maguire moment folks. It doesn’t always turn out pretty.

10. Work Your Ass Off Before Lunch

Somewhere I read that 75% of employee work is completed in the first four hours of their work day. Thinking about it, this makes sense. During a lunch break people often socialize, relax, maybe they take a nap, run errands, and often times they overeat. Most of these activities do not inspire a strong post lunch work ethic. Additionally as the day grows later and people grow tired they begin to slack.

Our advice is to push your lunch break back to 1 or 2 pm if possible and survive by eating smaller snacks until then. This will help you get more done while you are still in your best working mindset which is earlier in the day.


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