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The Core Principle of Local Seo in 2013

Local SEO continues to change more regularly than competitive SEO. Our team at Dinomite SEO has noticed that Google shakes up local search results more frequently than competitive search results. By local search results we are referring to any keyword search that has “local” intent. Examples include searches for a dentist, a doctor, a shopping center, restaurant, dry cleaning, gas station, ice cream parlor, or auto shop.

Local Directory Optimization & Local Review Site Optimization

Quite consistently in 2013 Google has been giving priority to industry specific directory listings and review sites for local searches. Review sites such as Yelp and directories such as the Yellow pages have found their place at the top of organic search results as pictured below.

Our team has noticed that specific review sites are more important in some industries over others. Additionally specific directories are more highly ranked in other local niches. (In some cases even we have found Facebook pages or Twitter accounts to rank organically on the first page of a local SERP.)

With local search results including the combination of places, organic, directory listings, and review sites the strategy for local SEO has become comprehensive and dynamic. The core principle of local SEO in 2013 is now diversification.

A Local SEO strategy should include optimization for places, organic search, relevant directory listings, and relevant review sites. The combination of which can be help one business dominate their niche market.

Here is a look at how micro optimization on a local level can help a local business dominate search results.


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