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SEO and Social Media Automation in 2016

Search engine optimization cannot and will never be 100% automated. There are hundreds of factors that go into Google’s ranking algorithm and the foundation of great SEO work is a customized strategy and plan to fit your particular website, industry, marketing goals, services, and average value per customer or client.

However, every now and then opportunities do arise to help automate portions of your marketing which will work to save your business time, energy, and resources.

Post Content Once and Reach Your Target Audience Everywhere

Recently our team at Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. has been testing the use of an application called, If This Then That, which helps to streamline your social media marketing and content syndication efforts.

We have found that using If This Then That (IFTTT) can be used strategically to help you reach a much larger online audience, build relevant backlinks, and increase website traffic with the use of automation.

Introducing If This Then That, An Automation Application That Will Syndicate Your Content Online Everywhere

IFTTT works by connecting various social media networks, blogging platforms, and video sites together so that content posted on one network can be automatically posted on multiple other social media platforms.

For example, IFTTT allows you to update only your Facebook business page and then have that same status update posted automatically to your Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress blog. It is an incredible strategy that will maximize any content production to reach a much larger online audience.

At Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. we believe the use of such automation will be extremely beneficial to our clients and as such we are offering a new service called, IFTTT SEO, for which we will go ahead and setup a custom IFTTT automation recipe to work hand in hand with your business and in particular your content marketing strategy in 2016.


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