2017: Your Last Chance to Make a Strong Local SEO Push?

2017: The Year of SMB Online Marketing

Yeah, yeah – we all know the saying “You gotta spend money to make money.” Unfortunately, for SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses), this is a tough motto to follow when they’re considering their annual budgets.

This is when it’s time for them to take a good hard look at their financial status and figure out how they can spend less and profit more.

The question is: Where will SMB’s invest their marketing budget in 2017, given all their budget priorities?

I own a small business myself, and I know very well how vital it is create an accurate plan that can strictly regulate my business’s finances.

In my years of owning and operating an online marketing business, I’ve realized that building a practice for budgeting concerns is the absolute most effective way to keep your company’s finances in check.

It’s so important to remember, even when times are rough, how imperative the marketing portion of your budget is for your company’s guaranteed survival. The key is to never ever stop promoting your business, even if your finances turn out to be much more limited than you expected.

If your marketing budget is minuscule, you have to make intelligent choices when it comes to your priorities in determining how much of your budget should be allocated to marketing; not just in general, but focused on the critical factors of marketing online.

To achieve success in the competitive and cramped markets of today, we have assembled three reasons why all SMB’s should make online marketing their top priority in 2017.

1. Competition in online marketing is rapidly increasing. The Longer you wait the more competition you’ll meet!

While more and more businesses allot their cash for marketing online, radio and television, the competition online is growing and getting more and more fiery. A recent Survery Report from CMO revealed the fact that spending on traditional advertising is on the decline, while spending on digital marketing and SEO is on a rapid increase.

Additionally, a survey by StrongView and Selligent on marketing trends was done late 2015 and discovered that even though marketing budgets were raised overall by business leaders for 2016, online marketing channels were higher on the spectrum compared to traditional.

Under 14% of the companies that were surveyed had a plan to increase their marketing spending for print, radio and television advertisements, meanwhile the better part of companies surveyed had a plan to increase their budgets in the four key areas: social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and online display advertising.

A staggering 42% of those surveyed had plans to budget a larger amount to marketing search (PPC and SEO).

The budgets for social media marketing are on the incline as well. Social Media Examiner released their 2016 SMMIndustry Report, and if deciphered that more than 63% of companies and marketers alike had a plan to increase spending on Facebook and YouTube marketing.

If you own a SMB and plan to compete with the big boys, you need to take a long hard look at your budget and see just how far you can stretch your online marketing money, while maintaining a special focus on creating customized content for your clientele.

While businesses go on designating more and more spending towards digital channels, these areas will be rendered that much more competitive.


2. We Can Measure Everything & Target Specific Customers (We targeted Carlsbad business owners like you; to see this post!)

Compared to traditional advertising, online marketing can open up worlds of advantage for your business. It can offer a high return on investment, much higher than traditional approaches because of its generally low cost of channels online like socials, and also the capability to adapt based on the data collected from social platforms and Google.

For example if your website traffic dips and you notice keyword rankings have dropped; you’re in the a position to make changes to improve them!

Additionally, compared to traditional marketing, online marketing reaches a much larger number of consumers at a much lower cost to you.

Let’s think about other perks to online marketing as well. Specific metrics can be easily tracked on each of your campaigns, to grant very valuable and specific feedback.

However, no matter what size, any business can prove to be a solid competition with a strong marketing plan. This is again because of the low cost of online channels, and also the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing on search and socials.

You can gain quick advances to your SMB’s business through these, compared to the long down out waits that usually come along with traditional.

We should also never undervalue the viral aspect that comes along with the internet. With traditional marketing one must wait around to pass out their flyers, for their ads to be made public on tv and in the newspapers, etc.

In the case of social media, you have things like share buttons, that can instantly connect you and your business to potential consumers in mere seconds.


3. Your Budget Need Not Be Over $1500/month. We have grown several businesses at just $1000 monthly budget.

Some SMB’s are still abstaining completely from marketing online, why is this? In a recent survey of 300 SMB’s done by LSA, it was discovered that the main reason is simple; a measly budget.

When they were asked how they’d carry out marketing given a higher allowance, the preference towards digital marketing was top in the priorities list, with SEO and PPC (paid search) the biggest focuses.

This survey also concluded that half of SMB’s would sink their budget into SEO marketing if they had twice their budget, while about 40% of them would have sunk it into PPC.

Out of the leftover channels, 37% of SMB’s claimed they would devote more to websites, 29% said they would invest in social media, and 28% said they would lean towards CRM tools. These results actually mirror the behaviors of consumers, since search engines and websites are considered the driving forces for potential consumers searching locally.

Final Remarks: Start Small with A Digital Analytics Audit to See Where You Are; Then Go Month To Month If You’d Like a Done For You Lead Generation Service!


Finally, as all the SMB’s are settling on their budgets for 2017, they will most likely discover the numerous advantages to investing more of their advertising budget in marketing, as opposed to more short-term benefits that apply from reducing it.

As more and more SMB’s move their money over to online marketing, they will surely see more devoted customers visiting their websites, reading and rating their services and products, purchase them, and also provide them with feedback that is beneficial to the market.

It won’t take long at all for digital marketing to create great publicity and have a positive impact on the future of your blossoming business, as well as give you an impressive return on investment.

Recently, a survey of 200 retail marketing exec’s in charge of budget decisions proved to prefer online marketing. More than three-quarters logged a higher ROI through online advertising compared to the traditional.

If your SMB budget grants you the opportunity to invest in a few things, keep in mind that quality content on your websites, blogs and social media, ranks highest.

The 10 Real Reasons That Your SEO Rankings Are Dropping, and How to Reverse the Damage

Your website once appeared in every search engine, generating tons of traffic, emails, phone calls, and ultimately, sales.

But suddenly your SEO rankings began to drop and along came a drop in leads and sales. Your rankings may not longer exist leaving your website lost in the sea of the web.

These drops happen for many different reasons, some that you can prevent and some that you can’t.

Here are ten common reasons why rankings drop and what you can do when they happen to your site.

Your website Design has Aged

If you redesigned and relaunched an old site, you likely saw a drop in your rankings, followed by a huge increase. Now your rankings are dropping again. Don’t panic; this is normal.

Just stay focused on producing and investing in the best SEO practices, because if you want high rankings long term, you have to be ready to put in steady work.

Remember, “SEO is like fitness”. You can’t just workout once and expect dramatic weight loss just as you can’t write one blog post or build links for one week and expect instant rankings, traffic, and new sales. 

Google Updated and You Did Not

Google analysts are constantly trying to improve search algorithms. Their updates will cause your rankings to drop if you aren’t using good SEO practices. Doing so in the future will help you to combat updates and continue your good rankings months and years down the road. 

To keep on track with what Google is doing and where Google is headed, subscribe directly to Google’s blog for news.

You aren’t up to date on popular keywords

If you’ve been using the same keywords for years, you may have missed the recent shift towards “natural language.” The term describes the tendency of people to type complete, “natural” sentences into search bars. Do some research and update your keywords to combat this drop.

Your links aren’t up to par

If you were one of many companies that bought into the trend of grabbing up lots of links for a low price, a practice now referred to as “search engine spamming,” your ranking may have fallen victim to search engines working to combat the spam. Try cleaning up these links to regain your rankings.

The competitors are edging you out

You’re likely already familiar with this struggle. Each time your website improves on a keyword, the ranking of another site goes down, and vice versa. The only way to fight this war is to keep up your good work and ride the rankings roller coaster.

You are focusing too much on rankings

Google is always changing and testing the variables that it can detect by changing search results, which leads to constantly changing SEO ranking. Your ranking can even change from one computer to the next. If you are experiencing small drops in your rankings, this is likely the cause. Once again, the only thing you can do is keep moving forward.

You lost a few good links

It’s possible that another site that had a traffic-heavy link to yours disappeared or removed your link. Counteract this by continuing to produce high quality content, which will help you to attract even better links.

You launched a new website

You probably already know that following a redesign, your new website might experience a fluctuation in rankings. You can help minimize the drop by ensuring that you have  proper 301 redirects in place and that your new website is well optimized before you launch it. Hang in there; usually rankings recover within a month or two.

Your robots.txt file is wrong

If you make a mistake in the robots.txt file of your site, your rankings are going to drop, and fast. Luckily, once you realize the mistake, it’s easy to fix. Next time, double check to avoid typos.

Your hosting is bad

If you recently switched to a lower quality host or one that doesn’t provide a fast enough page loading time; your visitors are going to turn away from your site. You can prevent this by hosting your site close to your visitors and using a server that isn’t overcrowded with other websites.

Your SEO rankings may drop for other reasons, but these are the ten most common reasons we see rankings decrease.

If you are experiencing a decrease in traffic, exposure, and online sales; contact Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. to receive a custom SEO strategy that will reposition your business to receive a new flood of customers and clients. 

A ranking decline could be as simple as addressing onsite SEO issues! Give our automated system 60 seconds to tell you what to fix!

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As always our SEO company is here to help you if you decide these tasks are too daunting to handle on your own.

Facebook Launches Local Directory To Compete With Yelp

Facebook Local Directory Facebook Services

Facebook recently launched what is their version of a local review site called, Facebook Services.  Facebook services is very similar to a site like Yelp where users can search for local business and service providers in the city or location of their choice.

Upon conducting a search for a local business Facebook returns a list of the top businesses per that category of service. These results are indeed local business Facebook pages.

Users can then look at the business description, photos, and reviews of the results to decide which business they would like to contact.

How Can You Get Your Local Business To Rank At The Top of Facebook Services (Local Directory)

It will certainly be beneficial to have your business ranking at the top of your related business category in your city within Facebook Services just as it is important to have your website showing up in Google on the first page for related search terms.

Facebook has not disclosed how they are selecting which businesses get this first page real estate within their directory however our expert SEO digital marketing team has done some testing and has discovered what most likely Facebook is using to determine their results. This of course we cannot disclsoe publicly quite yet but it is a service we are providing to our current clients.

Related: SEO and Social Media Automation in 2016

SEO and Social Media Automation in 2016

SEO Automation in 2016

Search engine optimization cannot and will never be 100% automated. There are hundreds of factors that go into Google’s ranking algorithm and the foundation of great SEO work is a customized strategy and plan to fit your particular website, industry, marketing goals, services, and average value per customer or client.

However, every now and then opportunities do arise to help automate portions of your marketing which will work to save your business time, energy, and resources.

Post Content Once and Reach Your Target Audience Everywhere

Recently our team at Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. has been testing the use of an application called, If This Then That, which helps to streamline your social media marketing and content syndication efforts.

We have found that using If This Then That (IFTTT) can be used strategically to help you reach a much larger online audience, build relevant backlinks, and increase website traffic with the use of automation.

Introducing If This Then That, An Automation Application That Will Syndicate Your Content Online Everywhere

IFTTT works by connecting various social media networks, blogging platforms, and video sites together so that content posted on one network can be automatically posted on multiple other social media platforms.

For example, IFTTT allows you to update only your Facebook business page and then have that same status update posted automatically to your Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress blog. It is an incredible strategy that will maximize any content production to reach a much larger online audience.

At Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. we believe the use of such automation will be extremely beneficial to our clients and as such we are offering a new service called, IFTTT SEO, for which we will go ahead and setup a custom IFTTT automation recipe to work hand in hand with your business and in particular your content marketing strategy in 2016.

Wix Websites No Longer Safe in Google – What to Do Next

Wix Websites De-indexed from Google

Recently Google has been removing a majority of Wix websites from their search engine. When a website is moved from a search engine, this is referred to as a “de-index”.

In other words Google’s library of websites does not include this type of “Wix” book. This is to be a massive concern for all business owners who have previously built their website on the Wix platform.


Why Google Doesn’t Like Wix

Wix websites are affordable and easy to build hence why several hundred thousand website owners have decided to use the platform to build out their site.

The problem is that Wix websites rely heavily on images and have a coding structure that is difficult for Google’s spider engines to read. If Google can’t read your website, then it will not like your website and you will have a hard time gaining exposure and visibility within their search engine.

 Non Google Friendly Means Non Business Friendly

Google is the number one search engine and no matter your industry or business model, you have a lot to lose if Google does not support your website. Simply put if your website is non Google friendly then your losing business to your competition who does have a Google friendly website.

You Stand to Lose Over $100,000 in New Business with a Wix Website

We understand that every business is different and that there are many factors that go into the success and profitability of each. However, it is safe to say that the average business stands to lose over $100,000 over 2-3 years if their website is not available on Google. A majority of businesses stand to lose closer to $300,000 or more.

Plain and simple;  you need to be where your customers are looking and they are looking on the number one search engine for your product or service.


What You Should Do If Your Business Owns a Wix Website

If your business website is operated by Wix then you need to take immediate action. By this we are implying that you need to go out and have an SEO friendly web design firm build you a brand new website preferably on WordPress.

WordPress is the number one content management system (website building platform) and Google absolutely supports all WordPress websites.

As a matter of fact, Google rewards websites that are built on WordPress because they have a great coding structure, are very organized and clean for visitors, and have an average faster loading time.

It’s Time To Make A Smart Investment and Re-Design Your Website on WordPress

WordPress websites are easy to update, fast loading, have a clean code structure, look beautiful, and also power some of the internet’s top brands including:

  • The New Yorker
  • TechCrunch
  • Mashable
  • Variety
  • Sony Music
  • Best Buy
  • Xerox
  • ESPN
  • Fortune

There is a reason these top brands have chosen their website to be built on WordPress and it is time you made a small investment to do the same.

In Less Than 1 Week Your Website Can Be Redesigned on WordPress

For as little as $1,000 and in as quickly as 1 week, your business website can be redesigned on WordPress to be 100% Google friendly. This is an absolute no brainer decision which will save your business on average upwards of $100,000 over two years.

Most business will earn upwards of $500,000 over two years by switching from Wix to WordPress.

We Recommend GoDaddy WordPress Design

Affordable, Fast, & Google Friendly Website

GoDaddy is not just a WordPress hosting company but they are also a WordPress design company. They offer affordable WordPress websites starting at $1,000 and can have your new site launched in as little as 7 days.

If your business website is currently on Wix, you need to jump over to Godaddy and have them update your site to WordPress before you lose any more business from Google.

Have an Ecommerce Shop on Wix?

If  you have an ecommerce shop on Wix then we highly recommend you switch on over to Shopify. Shopify is partnered with Google and Pinterest so your website is guaranteed to be both SEO and social media friendly!



Top 5 Cutting Edge Blogging Tips That Drive Leads

Do you hate writing blog posts?

We certainly do. At least we did about three years ago.

But over time we have come to learn the expert tactics, tools, and resources that go into writing a killer blog post.

Now we gained an understanding and an appreciation for the art form that is blogging.

It’s similar to when you gain an appreciation for taking good care of your car with consistent oil changes and car washes.

Blogging is a thing of beauty and can become your biggest lead generation source when done correctly.

Top 5 Blogging Tips to Drive New Business Leads [Video]

Blogging Tip #1 – Scout Your Competition

Don’t you dare reinvent the wheel young sir or miss.

Unless you are a rocket scientist releasing new findings regarding your travels to outer space or are truly the #1 industry leader; we recommend you scout your competition and re-write the best blog posts on the web.

Of course we advise our clients to make new additions, insights, or add take-aways to any content they rewrite but it’s always best to rewrite content that is already proven to be popular, interesting, and share worthy on the web.

Be sure to use http://buzzsumo.com/ to find out what blog post topics are trending in your industry.

Updated: We now highly recommend using, Ninja OutReach, as the best prospecting and automated outreach tool; to help you connect with industry influencers, gain digital PR, social shares, build links, and more!

Blogging Tip #2 – Write a Killer Title

Spend an extra five minutes before you begin writing to make sure you have the absolute best title possible for your blog post.

Do a Google search for a similar topic and take note of the titles of blog posts that are on page 1 of Google.

These are the titles that have performed the best, warranted the most social shares, and natural links. (hint hint… You may want to have a similar title. )

Finally ask yourself, would I want to read this article if I just read the title alone?

Here’s an example blog post we wrote for an international fitness model client.

Now if you were a mom, would this interest you?

Blogging Tip #3 – Add A YouTube Video

One of the absolute best ways to differentiate your brand online is with video. People love people and absolutely love video. Thus a video is the perfect combination.

Whatever it is you’re discussing or showcasing within your blog post content can be turned into a video.

Use http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ if you need to do any type of screen recording and have a professional video intro done online at fiverr for 5 bucks.

Finally make sure to give your YouTube video a keyword rich title that is similar to your blog post title and embed it within your blog post! You’ll instantly enjoy an organic search engine ranking boost from this trick.

As a bonus tip add Youtube cards to drive leads directly from your YouTube channel!

Blogging Tip #4 – Include Inspiring Photos

Adding the right photos to your blog post can make a major difference in terms of the traffic, social shares, and links that your post receives.

Start by going to canva.com to create an incredible looking and free blog post cover image for your post. Include the title of your post and use relevant imagery.

This cover image will become the image people see on Facebook and Pinterest so be sure it is attractive and also warrants interest in reading your article.

Here’s an example of a few graphics we made on Canva in a matter of minutes. 

You can click on them too!*

Blogging Tip #5 – Include A Relevant Offer

Before you ever write a new blog post you should have a marketing or sales goal in mind. Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish with this post?

Then be sure that you include a call to action, relevant offer, or introduction to the product or service you are ultimately looking to promote.

It is often times most strategic to provide a lead capture, free download, or other complimentary information in exchange for a lead towards the bottom of your blog post.

Worried that Your SEO is causing your website harm? Give our automated system 60 seconds to tell you what to fix!

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How to Setup YouTube Cards to Drive New Business Leads

How to Setup YouTube Cards

If you haven’t heard the news, YouTube has rolled out a new “advertising” feature called, YouTube Cards.

These Cards will soon replace what we have all come to know as annotations. Annotations are those little text messages that popup over a YouTube video that you’re watching.

YouTube ad cards are a huge improvement from the outdated annotations and include an image, title, and smaller text.

They are somewhat comparable to Facebook ads in that you can use an image as part of your strategy to get your audience to click on your ad cards in order to drive them to a landing page of your choice.

Why YouTube Cards Are Better Than Annotations

Youtube Cards offer an incredible opportunity for video marketers to drive inexpensive leads and traffic to the landing page or website of their choice.

Specifically YouTube Cards will be powerful for local business marketing or any business that has a great lead magnet to give away on a landing page!

Since ad cards include an image and a larger text, they will undoubtedly convert better and receive more clicks.

Here are the three main reasons why you should immediately begin using these ad cards within your digital marketing campaign.

1). YouTube Cards Are Mobile Friendly!

(Considering 50% of YouTube traffic is attributed to mobile viewing devices, this is big. Annotations were not mobile friendly thus you lost half you audience when you used them).

2). YouTube Cards Include a Picture & Bold Text

(Similar to Facebook ads, YouTube cards include an image. However, unlike Facebook, there are no restrictions to the amount of text used in your card image. This implies big time conversions!)

3). YouTube Cards Come in 5 Variations

  1. Merchandise Cards – For anyone wanting to advertise physical products related to their video
  2. Fundraising Cards – For anyone wanting to link directly to a fundraising project on approved 3rd party sites.
  3. Video Or Playlist Cards – For anyone wanting to link directly to another related video or YouTube playlist.
  4. Fan Funding Cards – For anyone wanting to accept donations from their viewers for their awesome free content on YouTube.
  5. Associated Website Cards – For anyone wanting to drive traffic to their website or a landing page of their choice. (The card we’re most excited about).

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How YouTube Cards Can Be Used to Drive New Leads Inexpensively

YouTube cards are free to add to any video that you upload to your YouTube channel.

We can tell you right now card variation #5, the “Associated Website Card” will become the most popular amongst the card variations.

Using an associated website card you can drive new traffic to any landing page or website of your choice (that you own).

Since paid video views on YouTube come in around 2 cents per view (depending on your targeting), we would expect a great video with an attractive YouTube Card to drive website clicks at anywhere between 50 cents and a dollar.

Considering any clicks from a YouTube Card have previously watched a video with your content, it’s like your audience has already been primed to buy/ convert with what ever offer you provide them on your landing page.

How to Setup YouTube Cards

Now that you’ve been introduced to YouTube cards, lets go ahead and take a closer look at how to setup them up properly.

In the following video we will cover:

1). Where to Find YouTube Cards in your YouTube Dashboard

2). How to Confirm Your Website With YouTube so you can use the cards

3). Best Practices for creating a YouTube Card that Converts

What do you think? Will you try YouTube Cards to drive new leads for your business?

The Top 10 Local SEO Tips Your Business Must Complete to Dominate Google

Our phones at Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. are constantly ringing with business owners who are interested in our SEO and internet marketing services. One of the most common questions we receive particularly from local business owners sounds like this,  “What is included in your local SEO service and how does that help us rank in Google?”

This is in fact a great question. To answer, there is a lot of work and smaller particular tasks that go into the craft that is local search engine optimization. To dive into further detail and help you understand exactly what your business needs to have completed from an SEO standpoint, we have outlined the Top 10 Local SEO tips!

Follow each step carefully and you can earn yourself higher rankings in Google and can reap the benefits of increased inbound leads. Lets’ get started.

#1 Create a Great Google+ Local Page

Have you ever searched for a service in Google and Google maps has revealed dozens of business locations for you? You may wonder where that information comes from.

Well, Google takes that information, not from individual websites, as might be expected, but from Google + Local Pages. This means that each business on Google Maps has to register its own information to be seen by searchers. Setting up a Google + Local page is really straightforward, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time and the return on your investment is well worth it.

Things to consider when creating a Google+ Local Page are choosing an appropriate profile photo, filling in all the relevant information and ensuring the pin is properly located. It’s important to have the name, address, and phone number (NAP) you provide in the same format across all your social profiles, whether on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor or whatever other platform you may use.

Tip: Make sure you only create a single page per location. Whilst it may be tempting to create duplicate local pages in order to boost your ability to be found, this can be very detrimental to your SEO and is actually against the Google Terms of Service.

#2 Optimize your Page Titles

Make sure that your service and location are included in all relevant page title tags. This is the best way for the Googlebot to find your site and link it to local search terms and is especially critical for your homepage.

A 2014 report by search marketing specialists Moz, revealed that SEO marketers found that having your city and state in your landing page title was the number one factor in localized organic search – this was considred to be more of a ranking factor than the quality of inbound links and the domain authority of a particular website. So get your title tags optimized first and foremost!

#3 List Your Contact Info On Your Website + Link to Your Google Plus Page

Having updated information on your pages and profiles is a given. Make sure you have NAP – Name, Address, Phone, all sorted. If you have more than one service or location, add multiple web pages for each of these, this will be good for SEO and clearer for your customer.

But most importantly make sure your NAP is listed on the homepage of your website & then link from your website over to your Google plus page. This really helps Google connect the dots and when Google feels confident that your Google plus page belongs to your website; you get a ranking boost!

#4 Use Schema

Schema markup is a code that you can place on your website to assist search engines to provide more detailed results for readers. It can be regarded as a type of artificial intelligence that explains to the search engines what your data means in human terms. Schema is another great way to boost your SEO.

Fortunately for you, there are many who have yet to realize the potential of this tool and it is therefore an advantage you can have over your competitors. There are also WordPress plugins to help you install schema if you don’t have a developer in house. Just another reason, we love WordPress.

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#5 Make sure your site is mobile friendly

As the influence of mobile phones and tablets becomes even more prominent, a mobile friendly site is increasingly important for both global and local SEO. Google’s next major search engine update is again predicted to place more emphasis on the importance of mobile friendly designs and therefore you should be doing all you can to prepare for such a change.

A Google statement has said ““Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

Are you ready for the mobile apocalypse? Test to see if your site is Google mobile compliant here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

#6 Engage in Quality Link Building

This is a pretty standard organic ranking practice but remains significant nonetheless. The need for high-quality links is only becoming more important with changes in the Google algorithms.

Always be on the lookout for new link building opportunities. For starters ask any partner organizations, retailers, suppliers, or otherwise friends; to link to your website.

local seo expert dino gomez

Additionally make sure you claim a link and profile from all the top social networking and media sites. If you have an established brand consider building a wikipedia page and link back to your website.

For further exposure and inbound links, offer to write a guest blog post for a related industry blogging site. When it comes to link building, there are a hundred different strategies and places to go. 

#7 Utilize Social Media Marketing effectively

Social media marketing is important for various reasons. Not only does it provide a seamless platform to promote your services and share your content, but it can also act effectively as another search engine. Likewise, social media links are extremely valuable in the eyes of Google. Make sure when you post on social networks that you occasionally self promote and link back to your website!

Tip: Because social media is constantly changing and evolving, it provides an opportunity for you to stay ahead of the curve and creatively engage with your clients or customers.

#8 Create unforgettable content

The mantra ‘content is king’ is constantly thrown around in internet marketing circles. This is nowhere more apparent than for local businesses. Again, competing with larger organizations can be difficult, but providing better quality or location specific content is where you have the unique advantage in the SERPs.

It also allows you to be perceived as an authority in your area, which goes a long way when it comes to closing offline sales. If you need helping coming up with a blog post idea, check out, our Top 5 Blog Posts for Business Owners

#9 Get customer reviews

Customer reviews are another vital aspect of local SEO. In addition to your inbound link profile, on page content, and social media presence; online reviews are also evaluated by Google in relation to their authority and quantity. We advise all our clients to set up a process that makes it very straightforward for your customers to leave reviews.

For example we recommend sending a survey email out to customers a few days after they have enjoyed your service or product to ask them for their feedback. The survey should be a conditional online survey in which the subsequent questions are based on the answer to the previous question.

By using a conditional logic survey, you can direct those customers who had a positive experience with your brand to then leave a review on your Google or Yelp page. In turn, those customers who had a negative or neutral experience should be directed to leave more information on how your brand can improve customer satisfaction. Customers who viewed your brand as negative should not be directed to your Google or Yelp page, as you do not want them to leave a review until you have improved their experience with your brand.

By using an online survey you can dramatically increase the number of online positive reviews your business receives.

In particular we help our clients aggregate positive reviews on Yelp and their Google plus local page, as these two sites are the most important when it comes to increasing your local SEO efforts and protecting your brand reputation.

#10 Build Local Citations

One of the biggest ranking factors Google uses for inclusion in Google maps is the number of accurate and consistent citations your local business has. By definition a citation is a listing in a local business directory such as Yellow Pages, Manta, City Search, Yelp, or Yahoo!.

There are in fact nearly 300 U.S. based local directories where your business should be listed. The more listings your business has with a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) the more confident Google can feel about giving your business real estate on the 1st page of their search engine.

We advise all our clients to register their business on each of these 300 location directories. When completing your profile you should include your name, address, phone number, unique business description, upload photos, and be sure to link back to your website.


After reading this post you may understand local SEO is not as difficult as you may have expected. It is however very time consuming and does require an expertise or otherwise guidance implementing each tactic.

Now that you have our top 10 list as a roadmap, you are all set to optimize your business for local search. Of course, if you would rather have our team of experts implement these strategies on your behalf, we would certainly love to do so.

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What is Multi Tiered Link Building

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The Top 5 Blog Post Ideas For Business Owners To Drive New Sales

It’s funny but sometimes as business owners we get caught up in doing things and forget why we are doing them in the first place. And the problem is that once you forget why you are doing something, you often do a poor job doing it.

For instance, lets consider blogging. Most business owners neglect blogging. The ones that do blog, forget that they are writing a blog post for their target customer.

Instead the blog post is written for some other audience and has vague relation to the product or service you are actually offering. Writing an off topic blog post does not drive sales, engagement, or brand awareness. So today we wanted to help you as a business owner, refocus on why and how to blog with our top 5 blog post ideas!

We are Giving Away Our Top 5 Blog Post Ideas!

The following is a list of 5 different blog post ideas and topics that will help you write engaging content for your ideal customer or client. It will position you as an authority on the subject matter which subtly is helping you to sell your product or service.

Auch wenn Sie eine unermüdliche Praxis sind und mit der Frau interagieren, sozusagen, natürlich Das und täglich, sowieso, weiter wetten, Sie werden etwas Neues von diesem Artikel wissen. Ja, was ist da, auch wenn Frauen selbst viele interessante Dinge lernen können.

1. Blog Post Strategy 1: The YouTube Video Reaction 

This blog post is the easiest to do of the bunch & works magic on driving new traffic to your website. The concept is to go to YouTube and find a high quality video in your niche.

Then embed that video in your blog post towards the top and give your evaluation and reaction to the video.

For example if you are a motivational speaker, you should embed a short clip of a Tony Robbins speech.

You can rephrase what he is teaching in your own words, explain the layout of his speech, how he is engaging his audience, and so forth.

What’s so great about the YouTube Video Reaction strategy is that it almost associates your expertise with that of the individual in the video. In this example, Tony Robbins. It’s an instant credibility builder.

Here are the four steps to implement the YouTube Video Reaction Strategy:

  • Open YouTube.
  • Search for a relevant and high authority video that matches with your niche.
  • Embed it into your blog post.
  • And, below the video, write a reaction to the video.

You might start by saying, “Here’s my take on that video”.

2. The List Post Method

Often today’s most shared and appreciated blog posts are what we call “list posts”.

List posts are those blog posts that list the “Top 10” or “Top 25 SEO Tools to Use” as an example.

List posts are blog post that pull together or aggregate the most interesting stories, quotes, resources, products, GIFs, photos—and yes, infographics—from a wide variety of sources on the web.

Writing a list post related to your product or service is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. For example we wrote a list post titled, The Top 20 Questions to Ask and SEO Firm Before Hiring Them!

It has been shared over 521 times on social media networks, consistently drives new leads for our business, and demonstrates our knowledge of our service, SEO.

Everybody loves a top 10 list. Make this a blog post!

Best of all list posts are rather easy to put together. After all you are simply aggregating content from the web. Just make sure you give appropriate credit when due if you use images, quotes, or videos from other websites.

3. Interview an Expert in Your Niche

A post where you interview someone is a win-win all around.

You get content, the profile of the expert is raised and your readers get a fresh perspective.

Make sure that the expert you interview is relevant to your target market, as with all of your blog posts.

Remember: Any interview, if it’s going to increase your blog’s profile, must be of major interest to your niche, or you’ll be wasting your time and energy.

You can contact experts via e-mail, telephone, and so on to request their participation in an interview to be published on your blog.

Your whole interview depends on the number of questions you send. Avoid boring questions. No one has time to read boring content. You’d be surprised how experts will welcome the exposure your interview can bring them.

(This guys looks fairly familiar….Conan O’ Brian even uses Google Hangouts.)

Once you have responses, write a short introductory text, add the expert’s information, and you’re all done.

We highly recommend using a Google Hangout to record a video interview that you can then post on your blog and website.

4. The Quote Post

Quoting is again a great strategy to aggregate content from others so that you do the minimum amount of work. It also can build your expertise with association to other top experts.

The quote post is simply when you aggregate quotes from several authorities in your industry and then post them into one blog post.

These can be quotes from celebrities, industry leaders, speakers, and so forth.

If you are a financial advisor, quoting Warren Buffett makes sense!

Putting together a quote post is rather simple. Here are the steps:

1). Choose a Topic or Question to Ask

2). Outreach to Experts (via social media, their website, or LinkedIn)

3). Ask for Quote (Using Twitter to reach celebrities is your best chance to receive a quote)

4). Create a Quote blog post

5). Use Canva to turn each quote into an image

That’s it!

Bonus tip: The quote post also works great as an info-graphic. Once you have your infographic made, be sure to send the embed code to the experts whose quote you have included in the graphic.

All it would take is one of these experts or celebrities to share your infographic online with their quote included, for you to instantly have your blog post go viral!

5. Create an Engaging Crowdsourced Post

A quick and easy way to write a stylish and engaging blog post is to crowd source the content.

A crowdsourcing blog post is similar to a list post or a quote post except you ask fewer experts for their opinion on a subject matter and expect an answer that goes into greater depth. 

Many people think that a crowd-sourced post is nothing more than putting a question on Facebook and waiting for your friends to answer. However this would be the wrong way to do it.

The crowdsourced post works best if you can get higher authority figures in your industry to contribute their analysis and answer your question.

Here’s how to do it:

1). Ask industry experts a burning question that your customers might like to know the answer to.

For example, a gym owner or personal trainer may ask celebrities in the fitness space:  “What motivates you to workout and eat healthy every day?”

Most likely such a question will provoke a rather long answer.

2). Record or transcribe your crowdsourced answers into quotes to include in a blog post

3). Introduce your crowdsourced answers in your blog post, compare the experts responses, and related it back to your service or product.

Don’t forget to share your final blog post with any experts you quoted or crowdsourced their opinion from in hopes they will also share your post online!

Have another blog post strategy that you think we should add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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