GoDaddy’s Servers Crash – How To Protect Your Business Website

GoDaddy Server’s Crash Result of Hacking Mastermind

Millions of websites crashed this morning (September 10th, 2012) as the result of a mastermind hacking group referred to as Anonymous. One Anonymous member is taking credit for bringing down GoDaddy’s servers. The individual tweeted that this was not a group effort but rather the result of his own efforts on behalf of the Anonymous group. Check out these screenshots of social media conversations covering the event.

How to Protect Your Business Website

In 2012 the only way to truly protect your business website is to frequently download and store backup files of your website content on a hard drive and on your personal computer. The truth is that the cloud is not 100% safe and never will be.

To safeguard your business website and any and all important online information we recommend you download and keep a backup file of all this information. Keep a backup file on your personal computer as well as on an additional hard drive or disc.

Best Security WordPress Plugin

At Dinomite SEO we recommend that all WordPress website owners use the Backup Buddy premium wordpress plugin to protect and save the entire content of their business website in a secure manner. Backup Buddy is our choice for safeguarding our website and does two things for you. One on a daily basis it will store your website files in the cloud on a different server from your host. And two, it allows for an easy and quick download of your files to store as a hard copy outside of your computer.

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What are you doing to protect your business from potentially losing its number one digital asset?