Where Should You Build Links First?

Over the past year several business and website owners have asked our team where they should begin build links for a new website. To that question we answer, “social bookmarking websites”. Social bookmarking sites should be the first link building vertical that you turn to in a brand new SEO campaign merely for the fact that these links are almost always instantaneously approved. Fast link approval implies a fast index of your target URL which in turn implies a fast potential for ranking improvement.

Social Bookmarking Sites Build the Best Links

Social bookmarking sites not only provide instantaneous inbound links to your website but they normally carry a high page rank value in addition. A high page rank value means that the ranking authority that these social bookmarking sites will pass over to your website will be stronger than those websites with a lower page rank value. In case we are getting ahead of you, Page Rank describes a number between 0 and 10 that Google places on your website. A higher Page Rank implies your website is more credible and more influential than others. It is desirable to have a high Page Rank website link to your website.

You can compare the Page Rank of a website to social status in the United States. Having the president of The United States recommend your business will mostly likely do you more good than a regular civilian recommending your business. That is to say the President has more authority than the average Joe. In the world of SEO, having a website with a high Page Rank link to your website is similar to having an a recommendation from a highly respected president, CEO, or otherwise influential personnel.

Social bookmarking sites regularly carry a higher Page Rank than the majority of other websites. Inbound links from social bookmarking sites thus are more meaningful to your website ranking than directory submissions, integrative links, article submissions, and the like. At the start of any SEO campaign we recommend visiting those social bookmarking sites first and foremost!


Google Implements 500 Improvements to its Search Algorithm Every Year!

How Google Improves Upon its Search Algorithm

Google Search Algorithm

Google has long been adjusting their search algorithm to reflect the best interests of Google users 

We see several improvements come into play each and every year. Recently Google made it clear just how many changes are made to their search algorithm each year. Google is reporting that they make over 500 improvements to the search algorithm each year. That is well above one and a half adjustments made on average to the algorithm each day and could be closer to two when all is said and done. Here is a video on how Google goes about improving their search algorithm.


3 Reasons Why SEO is Crucial For Large Businesses

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Large Corporations

The importance of search engine optimization for smaller businesses cannot be mistaken. Lets put it this way, without a strong internet presence it is very difficult for a small company to ever become big. With that said SEO is just as crucial for a large business as it is for a small one. Lets take a closer look at three reasons why SEO is crucial for big brands.

1). Remain Competitive Amongst the Big Dogs

Big businesses have a lot to gain from a strong internet presence. However, they also have a lot to lose including potentially millions of dollars in sales to a list of online powerhouse ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Zappos, and company.

Then there are are those large businesses which only provide a service. How do they plan to continuously acquire new clients at the same rate as their competition if they are not on the first page of Google? 90% of consumers conduct online research before purchasing a new product or service. Of that 90% a whopping 70% don’t browse past page one of search results. Thus 63% of consumers will be influenced by a resulting webpage on page one of search engines for the product or service they are looking for. If a large business is not gaining a piece of this 63% then they will not be competing as a top dog in their industry very long.

2). Squash Smaller Businesses

Big businesses have the advantage of low cost of goods and the ability to offer a lower selling price. Essentially a large business can stomp out all smaller competitors by simply not forfeiting their online target market.

3). Continue to Grow

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of inbound marketing. Big businesses must continue to invest in online visibility as much as they do traditional marketing in order to continually gain a larger piece of their target market. The most efficient way to gain online exposure is by attracting massive amounts of website traffic via search engines. In other words big businesses need a ramped up SEO campaign to rank on page one of search engines for every industry related search term. There should be no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

What are your thoughts? What are some other reasons why SEO is crucial for large businesses?