How Tim Tebow Is Changing SEO

The Tebow Effect on SEO

If there is one buzz word in the United States right now it would have to be “Tebow”. The Denver Broncos quarterback has been the top story of the NFL this season for his unorthodox style of play, public display of prayer on the football field, and for his ability to win football games in the fourth quarter. The combination of which all came together this past Sunday as Tebow led his Broncos football team to an improbable overtime victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in what was the first round of the 2012 NFL playoffs. Tebow’s incredible play did more than shock football fans around the world. It immediately changed SEO as we know.

Immediately following Tebow’s game winning touchdown pass in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers, millions of fans navigated their cell phones, laptops, and PC’s in order to scour the internet for a bible passage that Tebow elated to in a post game interview. Tebow could be seen wearing John 3:16 on his eye black throughout the entire football game which raised many an eyebrow after the game was complete and his personal player statistics read 316 total passing yards for an average of 31.6 yards a play.

Tebow Search Domination

Two days later, as fans continue to search the internet for Tebow related news it has become more clear exactly how much weight Google’s algorithm carries for current news. In fact what we can learn from top SERP’s for Tebow related queries is that for trending news it is absolutely crucial that you provide the most current update. In fact 6 of the 10 organic results for the query, “Tebow” are actual blog posts covering Tebow’s playoff game victory rather than websites dedicated to Tebow himself. You would think an ESPN’s player profile page would come up on page one for “Tebow” but in fact it does not. Instead you will find several blog posts and or post game interviews with the Denver quarterback for his heroics on the football field.

SEO Marketing Takeaway

The SEO marketing takeaway is that it would be a wise decision on your behalf to write a blog post for your website covering current trending news in the world. It is best if you can relate the trending news to your industry and figure out exactly the effect this news has on your target market. By doing so you are not only providing  your readership value but you are also entertaining them with information that they would like to hear more of and are probably searching for online.