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Integrative Link Strategies for SEO Success

What is Integrative Link Research?

Dinomite SEO wants your website to thrive and live happily ever after on Page One of the various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Some very strategic steps have to be implemented in order to make this dream a reality.

One of Dinomite SEO’s many off-site optimization strategies is to put a concerted effort into link building. When search engines notice that other websites are linking to your site, they conclude that your website has valuable content that is helpful for the visitor. Even more important is when the one-way links are coming from a site that has content that is similar to your own.  This is where our integrative link placement research comes in. Integrative link placement research consists of both the study and discovery of link building opportunities within the web.

Dinomite SEO uses both a software and human intellect to scour the web for blogs and forums that offer linking opportunities that relate to your target website and industry. In order for a link building opportunity to be valuable, we must locate an outside active website in a similar niche that also targets similar keywords. Of course it goes without saying that it will not be your competitor’s website. Once integrative linking opportunities have been discovered, our team engages in active conversation on the outside blog or forum and leaves links back to your targeted website within the context of a normal online conversation. What gives these links the right to pass SEO authority is that they are relevant one way links. These types of links are considered more “natural” than when websites do mutual link exchanges or when one links arrive from out of context discussions.


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