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5 Best Blogging Topics to Gain Readership

We’ve all heard it before and we know it well by now- blogging should be at the hub of your inbound marketing strategy. The benefits of blogging are numerous and for the sake of originality we will not cover and recite all of the reasons why. Instead we would like to discuss the best 5 ways to gain readership with any one blog post. In the end, it all boils down to content. If you understand the content that people like to read than automatically your blog posts will be more successful in terms of gaining readership, keeping readership, inspiring social media buzz, and persuading action. So here are the best 5 writing topics that will attract readers to your blog.

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Here are the top 5 blogging topics to gain readership:

1). Lists. Lists are a great way to categorize and condense otherwise lengthy and/or complex information. It is also a clean and pleasant presentation of information that people would not be intimidated by. Lists enable readers to quickly process information and it also helps readers remember the information.

2). Reviews. Nowadays, consumers are more interested in online reviews than any other time. It has been proven that people trust the reviews and opinions of their friends and family more so than advertisements. If you write a comprehensive review of a product, service, or otherwise strategy – the people will come to hear what you have to say.

3). Tips. The Internet is the number one source for information for just about everybody. People search online by typing questions directly into Google and often times search for the “best tips” on how to do something. If you can provide answers to solve problems then again, the people will come to you.

4). Current Event/News. People want to be informed but often times they don’t want to be the individual responsible for digesting current news. They want to know that the San Diego Chargers traded a defensive player but they also want an insightful analysis of what the implications of this news might be. Will this trade make the Chargers better or worse defensively? If you can summarize a current event or any type of current news and then break down the implications of this news- you’ll find yourself building an online readership quickly.

5). How To’s. People not only want information but they want to learn new things. By presenting your readers with a “how to”, you’ll help them solve a problem while simultaneously proving yourself to be an expert within your industry. It’s a win-win type of deal here. 

Boom, there they are, the top 5 blogging topics that will increase readership and engagement for your blog. Now how easy is it to choose a topic to blog about? 


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