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How To Increase Website Conversion Using Google Analytics Navigation Summary

The beloved Google Analytics; so useful, insightful, applicable, robust, and oh so confusing. It’s true that Google Analytics provides more data, tools, and information than almost any online marketer could possibly need. Most of this information is certainly useful while parts of it may not be needed in your average marketing campaign.

As Google Analytics has become more robust in recent years it has provided marketers more opportunity to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of how well their campaign is performing. With the addition of multi attribution analytics last year and tag management tracking this year, Google Analytics can become a platform that is easy to lose yourself in.

Improve Website Conversions by Studying Traffic Navigation

Probably one of the most overlooked features of Google Analytics is traffic navigation. Studying how visitors interact with your website is absolutely crucial to the success of your online marketing campaign. Sometimes all that is needed to dramatically improve the conversion percentage of your website is to identify one poorly optimized webpage of your site that is scaring away customers. It’s comparable to identifying that one person in your office that puts everyone else in a bad mood and never completes their share of duties. If you can identify this person and get rid of them, then the entire energy and production of your workplace will change for the better.

How can we identify those pages on your site that are as bad as your worst coworker? The easiest way to show you how to use traffic navigation in Google Analytics to find those dangerously under performing webpages is to walk you though a quick video tutorial. Check it out here.

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