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The 10 Real Reasons That Your SEO Rankings Are Dropping, and How to Reverse the Damage

Your website once appeared in every search engine, generating tons of traffic, emails, phone calls, and ultimately, sales.

But suddenly your SEO rankings began to drop and along came a drop in leads and sales. Your rankings may not longer exist leaving your website lost in the sea of the web.

These drops happen for many different reasons, some that you can prevent and some that you can’t.

Here are ten common reasons why rankings drop and what you can do when they happen to your site.

Your website Design has Aged

If you redesigned and relaunched an old site, you likely saw a drop in your rankings, followed by a huge increase. Now your rankings are dropping again. Don’t panic; this is normal.

Just stay focused on producing and investing in the best SEO practices, because if you want high rankings long term, you have to be ready to put in steady work.

Remember, “SEO is like fitness”. You can’t just workout once and expect dramatic weight loss just as you can’t write one blog post or build links for one week and expect instant rankings, traffic, and new sales. 

Google Updated and You Did Not

Google analysts are constantly trying to improve search algorithms. Their updates will cause your rankings to drop if you aren’t using good SEO practices. Doing so in the future will help you to combat updates and continue your good rankings months and years down the road. 

To keep on track with what Google is doing and where Google is headed, subscribe directly to Google’s blog for news.

You aren’t up to date on popular keywords

If you’ve been using the same keywords for years, you may have missed the recent shift towards “natural language.” The term describes the tendency of people to type complete, “natural” sentences into search bars. Do some research and update your keywords to combat this drop.

Your links aren’t up to par

If you were one of many companies that bought into the trend of grabbing up lots of links for a low price, a practice now referred to as “search engine spamming,” your ranking may have fallen victim to search engines working to combat the spam. Try cleaning up these links to regain your rankings.

The competitors are edging you out

You’re likely already familiar with this struggle. Each time your website improves on a keyword, the ranking of another site goes down, and vice versa. The only way to fight this war is to keep up your good work and ride the rankings roller coaster.

You are focusing too much on rankings

Google is always changing and testing the variables that it can detect by changing search results, which leads to constantly changing SEO ranking. Your ranking can even change from one computer to the next. If you are experiencing small drops in your rankings, this is likely the cause. Once again, the only thing you can do is keep moving forward.

You lost a few good links

It’s possible that another site that had a traffic-heavy link to yours disappeared or removed your link. Counteract this by continuing to produce high quality content, which will help you to attract even better links.

You launched a new website

You probably already know that following a redesign, your new website might experience a fluctuation in rankings. You can help minimize the drop by ensuring that you have  proper 301 redirects in place and that your new website is well optimized before you launch it. Hang in there; usually rankings recover within a month or two.

Your robots.txt file is wrong

If you make a mistake in the robots.txt file of your site, your rankings are going to drop, and fast. Luckily, once you realize the mistake, it’s easy to fix. Next time, double check to avoid typos.

Your hosting is bad

If you recently switched to a lower quality host or one that doesn’t provide a fast enough page loading time; your visitors are going to turn away from your site. You can prevent this by hosting your site close to your visitors and using a server that isn’t overcrowded with other websites.

Your SEO rankings may drop for other reasons, but these are the ten most common reasons we see rankings decrease.

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