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Your SEO strategy is missing something that makes all the difference!

Let’s talk SEO strategy. So many involve long-term tactics, but we’re challenging you to think “short-term” – it’s just as important and could be incredibly significant to your rankings.

Two major approaches exist when it comes to developing new digital commerce as well as online prestige approaches.

1. Proactive/Reactive Campaigns

SEO companies and marketers alike create these types of campaigns to push content towards consumers with the hopes of seeking an immediate reaction.

Most SEO strategy tactics would fall into the ‘active’ category since, months in advance, they’re constantly analyzing up-and-coming trends to try and figure out how they can maximize their opportunities.

2. Responsive Concepts

Marketers will create content that is geared toward a specific concept and/or event. The aim is to benefit consumer awareness in terms of their brand and what they offer.

A good example of “Responsive” marketing could be when solar energy companies circulate a branded press release when there are new tax incentives approved by the federal or state governments.

That being said, there are some specific situations that grant SEO strategists the ability to combine both of these marketing tactics to enhance their brand awareness and drum up consumer reaction.

Here are some opportunities to consider when you’re deciding on a SEO plan:

1. Internal Event Capitalizing

In the case that your company is about to drop a brand new service and/or product, you’re about to acquire a known executive from a different/competing brand for your company, or you plan to/are breaking into new and emerging markets; you’ve got to make sure everyone and their mom knows about it!

Small and medium sized businesses are usually pretty quiet about these occurrences, and they’re missing the chance to increase some brand awareness, which is costing them a lot more traffic to their site.

Pivotal internal events are amazing chances to create an optimized press release with the potential to generate buzz in the local or even national news. (Remember that Google sometimes considers ‘press release distribution’ methods aslink schemes’, and this can result in being penalized or even being removed from search results.)

In this case, the online presence of your business will gain more traffic from potential new clients and you will see a significant spike in backlinks coming from reputable sources as well as more customer citations.

2. Guest Author Opportunity’s Stemming From Internal Events

In the case that several of your internal events are gaining increasing attention, it might be a possibility for your company to use this momentum to up its integrity in your specific industry.

This arrangement strategy can facilitate opportunities to author content from well-known brands and/or publications that appeal to a comparable audience. Your company can build some organic drive with each bit of content you share on any industry publication, since this allows you an opportunity to increase referral traffic acquired from third-party sources, all the while building more portfolio links.

Once you’ve chosen to follow this tactic through, you should be sure that you’re only working with other commerce leaders who are known to have compelling organic integrity within the same markets that you operate. Being a guest author on low-credit sources and social media presences that are geared towards a different audience won’t lead to any organic or monetary growth.

3. Find New & Interesting Subjects

Simply Google any concept or idea and you’ll quickly see how it’s almost impossible nowadays to put out original content. Literally millions of content creators all over the world are constantly creating lists, from how-to guides, to buyers guides, to white papers and many various forms of content that are essentially just regurgitating so much of the same information on a specific topic.

Trying to come up with unique and one-of-a-kind ways to introduce information or to be the first to introduce new concepts is exceedingly beneficial in improving and developing your organic pull. In doing so you will also be:

—> Improving your brand awareness

—> Increasing organic visibility

—> Increasing industry authority and online prestige

—> Gaining new and relevant backlinks

4. Utilize Keywords The Competitors Are Missing

Due to the ever-changing search algorithms, keywords research is constantly changing. Even so, there exist many chances for companies to profit on new emerging keywords that the competitors might have missed.

You can benefit from certain tools such asSoovleandGoogle Keyword Plannerto keep researching which keywords your customers used when searching for the products/services you offer.

Ideally, you might be able to discover new keywords that come with ample search volume and very little competition, from there you can create more target-specific content based on them.

Once you’ve accomplished this feat, your company/brand is much more likely to have a greatly improved backlink profile, increased traffic to your site, and earned many more social connections.

5. Social Interactions of Competitors

In the case that several of your direct competitors are using their social platforms to manage customer affiliation, ensure that you are watching for opportunities that present themselves and allow you to offer their target-audience a better overall experience.

If you happen to notice customers/consumers complain about their services on social platforms, you could directly contact the user and offer a message of sympathy that could include incentives to moving over to your brand/services, or a coupon/discount and membership rewards.

Profiting from these types of opportunities can require you to have a very calculated and measured approach where you are very involved in monitoring consumer as well as competitive situations, allowing you to get a head start on upcoming trends.

Once these instances do arise, it is imperative that you jump on it quickly. Keep in mind that your competitors are more than likely to respond to you at some point.

Whilst implementing any of these tactics won’t necessarily put your brand/company in a position of absolute industry authority – tactfully following through on these concepts over time can heighten your organic search results to a point where you’ll notice a remarkable growth.


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