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Consider this, “How much does it cost to buy a house?”. Realtor answers: “Well it depends on many factors such as location, size, quality, features, and the number of bedrooms for starters.” The same is true for online marketing costs; it depends on several factors such as your industry, competition, past marketing efforts, website design, and marketing goals.

How much does a custom internet marketing campaign run per month?

Pricing varies to match the level of service we recommend to our clients to help them see results fast. With that said, here is a general outline of the average cost of marketing services.

Local businesses average value: $1,800 per month.

Competitive businesses average value: $5,500 per month.

*Custom solutions start at $1000 per month and have run up to $18,000 per month.

Should I care about the campaign cost or the campaign ROI?

The campaign cost is important because your business must retain enough capital to function on a day to day basis. You should not invest all your working capital into marketing. However you should be flexible in what you’re willing to spend on a campaign. After all, if our marketing firm makes you $2 for every $1 you invest in our service, you will probably wish you had provided our team more leverage to work with initially.

Regarding the cost of a marketing campaign, it is important to consider that we do directly invest a portion of the overall campaign budget into advertising dollars.

How does Dynamik Internet Marketing differentiate itself from Competitors?

1). For starters we offer highly customized online marketing solutions. A customized solution implies we are results driven. Cookie cutter packages are hit or miss but normally a big time miss.  At Dynamik Internet Marketing we review opportunities that are particular to your industry and act strategically. For example, if you are a local restaurant we know that statistically an ad campaign on Yelp will be more effective than an ad campaign using Google. If we had standardized solutions you might have missed this opportunity.

2). We update our strategy throughout the campaign. With client permission we often will recommend adding, subtracting, or switching out services or advertising money to spend on proven platforms. If press release distribution is driving new business then lets double up and syndicate a second press release per month.

3). We provide a custom online dashboard to track results. Online marketing is strategic compared to traditional marketing because we have analytics to measure. All Dynamik  clients receive access to a custom online dashboard to measure keyword rankings, website traffic, Google adwords, social media accounts, and more. This dashboard is so intuitive and easy to use that you’ll feel like the marketing expert.

4). Big fish in a little pond. Dynamik Internet Marketing is a boutique online marketing agency. We have no desire to grow past a team of 10 because we enjoy being nimble in our approach to strategic services. As a client you can expect to have our full attention and concern because you will represent one of a few selected clients our team would enjoy working with. You will never be just another number to us. Did you know Instagram only had 13 employees before selling for 1 billion dollars? Nimble teams do awesome work.

5). We make online marketing easy. From the start we make online marketing simple for our clients. Our solutions are thoroughly explained with relevant examples and data. Our campaigns are completely managed so that we require minimal work and information from you. Then we provide daily reporting and monthly evaluations of results that translate directly into savings and money earned for you. Last but not least we make receiving a quote for service as easy as filling out a four question survey!