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Aya Healthcare

Health Care Reputation Management


Aya Healthcare is one of the top travel nurse recruitment and staffing agencies in the United States. With a reality television show set to air on MTV and with lacking organic keyword positioning, Aya Healthcare approached Dynamik Internet Marketing for a custom digital marketing solution which included leveraging online video, 3rd party web properties, landing pages, mini-sites, and social media accounts.

aya healthcare

Marketing Goal:

To use a combination of 20+ mini sites, old YouTube videos, social media profiles, landing pages, and primary web properties to gain as many top organic keyword positions relating to the brand, industry, and reviews for Aya Healthcare. To control as much online real estate as possible for keywords relating to Aya Healthcare’s hit television show, Scrubbing In.

Technical Strategy:

This custom reputation marketing strategy had several complex pieces and called for a very acute understanding of tactical search engine optimization. It began with video SEO or video marketing. Using recycled YouTube videos from Aya Healthcare’s old reality television show, we were able to create a new YouTube channel with optimized videos for competitive brand name keywords.

Using several different advertising strategies we were able to use this video content as a means to gaining organic 1st page keyword positioning for terms like, “travel nurse reality show”. Our team was able to gain 1st page rankings for over 8 different competitive keywords using only online video.

The next part of the strategy called for using 20 different micro sites that were in the portfolio of Aya Healthcare but that were simply outdated and lacking a content management system. Our team refurbished these sites by installing a new WordPress blog on each, we fixed broken links, added new pages, optimized title tags and meta descriptions, and most importantly updated each site with new content. The mini-sites were each optimized for different competitive keywords and helped us control organic positioning for several industry keywords.

As yet another part of the strategy we used sub-domains for several main web properties of Aya Healthcare in order to protect online real estate for brand name keywords and proactively control online reviews for the healthcare facility.

Still there were more strategies employed that helped us gain over 28 organic page 1 keyword result listings for our client but others are too technical to explain further.


Dynamik Internet Marketing’s tactical, creative, and aggressive approach to search engine optimization and reputation marketing generated the following results:

  • Secured top digital real estate for “brand name reviews”, “brand name mentions”, and “industry keywords”
  • Funneled digital traffic from 3rd party websites discussing the reality television show to a target landing page
  • Protected the online brand of Aya Healthcare
  • Optimized on-page content to convert more visitors to leads
  • Increased website traffic by 28% on average per month


For similar results or to speak with a team member to learn more about our unique custom approach to digital marketing please call, 866-480-3553.


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