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Boutique Gym Marketing

How We Made a Small Gym $16,000 in Revenue & Generated 258 Leads in 21 days!


A 9 Round Fitness Franchisee owner approached us for some help with marketing their studio. They were struggling to stay afloat. Our team specializes in marketing, sales, and the automating 70% of small gym management. See our sister company, Gym Authority 365 here.

We did what we always do to help small gyms add 6 figures to their bottom line. Here’s what we did:

  • -Developed a Weight Loss Challenge
  • -Charged Participants $400 
  • -Ran a Highly Targeted Facebook Ads Campaign
  • -Collected Name, Email, Phone from interested parties
  • -Provided Sales Scripts, Nutrition Plans, & Coaching to Our Client on how to run this challenge successfully


Our client, a 9 Round Fitness franchise, ended up with these results: 

  • Cost  Per Lead: $1.60
  • Number of leads: 258
  • Duration of Challenge: 21 days
  • Total Challengers: 40 (all they could fit)
  • Total budget: $500
  • ​Revenue Generated: $16,000
  • Return on Ad Spend: 32x
  • Note: This does not include annual membership sold post weight loss challenge. Or the ROI would be closer to 50x.

gym marketing

Total ROI: 32x 

Want Results Like This? Check Out 100’s of other gym case studies at Gym Authority 365. (our sister company)

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