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EOS Fitness

Gym Franchise (21 Locations)


In September of 2015 EOS Fitness approached us in need of a cohesive and integrated digital marketing campaign. At the time they had been using multiple vendors to manage their SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, content marketing, and conversion optimization services. At this point in time they had 16 gyms across 3 different states but they were unimpressed with their website traffic and online lead generations results.

EOS Fitness requested that Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. provide them a full service digital marketing campaign with precision analytics. They wanted to be found on page 1 of Google in 3 locations: paid ads, in Google maps, and in organic.  At the time, they were generating no brand visibility, website traffic, or leads from Facebook or Instagram advertising. Their cost per conversion from Google adwords was nearly $80 which was extremely high.

EOS Fitness

Marketing Goal:

To strategize and launch a cohesive digital marketing campaign that generated traffic and online leads from multiple marketing channels with analytics and lead attribution to each of those channels.

Technical Strategy: 

As each of our department heads went to action on their particular channel; our SEO experts first and foremost focused on local business listings cleanup and synchronization. We optimized each unique gym location in Google My Business, corrected onsite SEO issues, implemented schema, and begun building high quality and relevant backlinks. We ensured each gym’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) was listed correctly across the web.

Our Google Adwords experts completed a PPC audit and immediately noticed and removed under performing paid keywords that were sucking up the advertising budget. They reallocated these funds to the best converting keywords. Using various softwares and A/B testing they found the best converting ad copy. Next we recommended and implemented a display retargeting campaign across the Google display network to recapture lost website visitors and increase onsite conversions.

Our content marketing department immediately hired a videographer to visit multiple gym locations of EOS Fitness to capture, film, and edit spectacular online video segments that could be used in both advertising, content marketing, and onsite conversion optimization efforts.

Our Facebook advertising department launched a highly targeted social advertising campaign across Facebook, Facebook’s audience network, and Instagram. With careful A/B testing, pixel retargeting, and consistent optimization we begun acquiring website visitors at $.20 per visitor.

Before Our Team Took Over This Campaign. (above)
search engine marketing traffic
After Our Team Managed all Marketing Services. (An increase of over 530,000 visitors in 12 months).


The results of this campaign are rather outstanding. In 2015 our client’s web traffic reached 1,003,389 sessions (or web visitors). After a full 12 month working with our SEO company our client’s traffic reached 1,530,777 sessions in 2016.

-> That’s an increase of over 530,000 new website visitors in 12 months.

 eos fitnes

Additional Wins:


  • Google Adwords cost per conversion decreased from $80/ lead to $19.56/lead.
  • Facebook ads helped to generate over 1000 new enrollments in 24 hours
  • January 2017 was best first month of the year ownership had ever seen.


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