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Exotic Pebbles and Glass


In October of 2016, the founder of Exotic Pebbles Inc. approached Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. with a brand new website and brand. They had no previous digital marketing and were starting at absolute ground zero. Their website traffic was zero.

exotic website

Marketing Goal:

To design a custom digital marketing strategy that would steadily increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, and increase sales.

Technical Strategy: 

Starting a marketing campaign with a brand that has zero past history is difficult. Gaining traction is always the most challenging aspect of breaking into any niche online. For this campaign we researched and recognized that a high class SEO campaign would be the foundation of this brand’s growth and footprint online.

–> SEO:

Upon launch our content team went to work and produced (3) four thousand word blog posts a month for the first 6 months of the campaign. We completed very high level onsite SEO and site architecture to ensure the most search engine friendly website.

“Monster 4000 word blog posts covering an entire topic customers are researching online.”

But content itself is never enough. Each blog post was written around specifically around a group of keyword topics. These blog posts would then interlink together with other closely related content.

Finally our team conducted a serious link building outreach campaign. These links are necessary to build the authority of our client’s domain and help boost each individual page of the website to rank higher as a individual topical page.

exotic pebbles and glass

–> Facebook: 

We recognized that Facebook Advertising would also become an important traffic medium in order to gain immediate market penetration and drive instant web traffic.

Our advertising team launched highly relevant and engaging Facebook ads to an audience that was interested in ‘home gardening’. This helped to build immediate brand awareness and an initial wave of new website visitors and customers.

Our second and third Facebook ad campaigns focused on retargeting any previous organic and paid visitors to help close the gap on website conversions.

This is but a tiny summary of our strategy and of our work.

The results of our campaign are simply outstanding.



At the start of the campaign Exotic Pebbles and Glass had zero website visitors. At the 8 month marker we are now recording 6,554 visitors per month. Of the total website visitors what is most impressive is that 5,000 visitors per month are from organic search!

seo case study


0 to 6,554 website visitors in 8 months!

Now that’s how you launch a brand online!


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