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Turned $139 into $27,930 With Simple Facebook Retargeting

High ticket info products and coaching programs have massive potential to be highly profitable with Facebook ads. The profitability and scaleabilty of such programs leaves the door wide open for seasoned Facebook marketers to step in.

In this particular campaign, we ran Facebook retargeting ads on behalf of “The Lab” a digital marketing training community. The Lab retails for $2500 but in this campaign we had the opportunity to market this program at a $500 discount, for $2000.

The results of a 3 day campaign are rather mind boggling.

coaching program facebook ads


Summary of the Campaign:

  • Ad Spend: $139.22
  • Days Run: 3
  • Total Clicks: 134
  • Purchases: 14
  • Total Revenue: $27,930

Interested in results like this for your informational product or consulting program? Get in touch with us for an audit and full quote. If you’d like to learn how to run Facebook ads for your business or as a consultant taught be Dino Gomez, (our founder here), checkout, The Lab.


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