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Timex (Watches): Facebook Advertising


Since 1854, Timex has been one of the premier watch manufacturing companies in the world.

In July of 2018, the VP of Timex contacted us with the desire to validate the concept  for a new children’s watch. The watch would utilize GPS functionality, including text messaging, and phone calls & would act as a replacement communication device to cell phones for parents to communicate directly with their children.

The watch to be worn by children;  would offer piece of mind to parents, consistent tracking of their child’s location, & two way phone calls & text messages.

facebook ads for products

Marketing Goal

The goal of our marketing campaign was to determine the market interest for the brand’s new children’s tracker watch prior to the manufacturing of such a product.

In particular we were to use Facebook advertising to determine:

  • Market interest of the product
  • Best Target Audience (age, gender, location, interests, behaviors)
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Estimated cost per purchase
  • Estimated cost per 10,000 units sold

Ultimately, we were to provide data driven analytics to Timex corporate so they could make an educated decision on the validity of such a product.

Technical Strategy

The campaign commenced with our design team building a custom landing page to collect the emails of parents interested in the said product to track & communicate with their children.

Our landing page design consisted of:

  • Responsive & mobile friendly design
  • Conversion driven
  • Attractive & on brand
  • Informational
  • User friendly

Next our advertising team went to work building out a new Facebook page for the children’s tracker from which we could advertise from.

We focused on the design of custom graphics that best represented the new product line.

Our advertising team then commenced the setup of a lead generation campaign on the Facebook advertising platform. It was determined this would be the strongest platform to reach our broad target audience and best platform for data driven analytics on our audience.

Our Facebook advertising campaign consisted of:

  • Proper Setup of the campaign structure inside Facebook ads manager
  • Analytics Tracking installed correctly on the our landing pages
  • Market research unto the best matching target audiences
  • Proper segmentation of individual target audiences (allowing us to easily compare audience performance against one another)
  • Creation of 100’s of unique advertorials (each uniquely different to determine the best performing messaging)
  • On-going optimization and budget allocation throughout the campaign
  • Further re-optimization of the best performing ads with the best performing target audiences
  • Consistent data driven reporting including the reach, impressions, clicks, CPCs, leads, CPL, engagement, relevance, and projected sales based on lead interest

The screenshot below features a portion of our ads manager account, the various audiences tested (blocked out), but most importantly, our results.

timex facebook ads

The screenshots below features a few example advertorials we tested throughout this campaign. 

******We were able to utilize one of our particular advertising strategies to stack enormous amounts of social engagement on each advertorial. 

facebook ads for watchesbest facebook ads


The results of this campaign were exceptional & our client was thrilled.

KPI’s for this campaign included:

  • 7,022 leads
  • $0.91 cost per lead
  • $0.75 optimized cost per lead (best target audience)
  • $6,386.76 total advertising spend
  • 519, 284 audience reach
  • 865, 792 impressions
  • XX estimated cost per purchase (not to be revealed)
  • XX estimated cost per 10,000 units sold (not to be revealed)


We will be launching yet another Facebook advertising campaign for Timex in 2019.

Interested in Another Case Study? We have dozens of them.


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