Self-Managed vs Automated Strategies: A 2017 Local SEO Guide

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I’m sure we’re all aware of how many amazing software options exist for automating local search tactics, but in this local SEO guide, I’m going to argue that perhaps a human-managed strategy is very vital in seeing major results. For more than five years, the world of digital marketing has seen a massive increase of […]

SEO for Local Businesses: Mow Your Own Backyard!

Yes, we all know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side ” – well, in the business world we seem to have modified that to “the grass is always greener in neighboring markets ”… Sure, the grass may look a lot greener and taller over there – but if you ever […]

2017: Your Last Chance to Make a Strong Local SEO Push?

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2017: The Year of SMB Online Marketing Yeah, yeah – we all know the saying “You gotta spend money to make money.” Unfortunately, for SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses), this is a tough motto to follow when they’re considering their annual budgets. This is when it’s time for them to take a good hard look […]

Facebook Launches Local Directory To Compete With Yelp

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Facebook recently launched what is their version of a local review site called, Facebook Services.  Facebook services is very similar to a site like Yelp where users can search for local business and service providers in the city or location of their choice. Upon conducting a search for a local business Facebook returns a list […]

The Top 10 Local SEO Tips Your Business Must Complete to Dominate Google

Our phones at Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. are constantly ringing with business owners who are interested in our SEO and internet marketing services. One of the most common questions we receive particularly from local business owners sounds like this,  “What is included in your local SEO service and how does that help us rank in Google?” […]

The Core Principle of Local Seo in 2013

Local SEO continues to change more regularly than competitive SEO. Our team at Dinomite SEO has noticed that Google shakes up local search results more frequently than competitive search results. By local search results we are referring to any keyword search that has “local” intent. Examples include searches for a dentist, a doctor, a shopping […]

How Do SEO Citations Help With Local Rankings?

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Citations will help your business rank higher within local search. But what is a citation? A citation is when a website cites the contact information and or the address of a business. Think of a citation as an online review. When a third party website lists the name, contact information, and business address of your […]

HCard Implementation for Local Business SEO

One of the greatest well kept local business SEO tips is to use a micro format for publishing the contact details of a website owner. Using a micro format to publish the contact details on a website is known as Hcard implementation. Hcard implementation helps search engines easily identify the physical address and contact information […]

Google Local Business SEO Strategy Guide

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3 Local SEO Tips As a local business owner you should always have an eye out for your local business listing rank position. Google reports, “97 percent of consumers conduct a search for local businesses before shopping.” That number is damn close to 100 percent which means you better crack Google’s local listing pack (3 […]

How Siri is Changing Local SEO Forever

Siri To Push Local SEO Siri on the iphone 4S is your virtual assistant that will help you to send text messages, emails, schedule meetings, place phone calls, set reminders, answer questions, search the web, and more. To put it simply Siri is revolutionizing how people interact with their cell phones. It will soon be […]