5 Tips to Make Facebook Ads work in 2018

5 Tips to Make Facebook Ads work in 2018  For any brand ‘effective’ marketing is the key to profitability. Thus, the ultimate question really is that ”how can a business ensure that its marketing strategy is successful?”. A variety of things go into the answer such as the activity, processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and […]

Google Highlighter Tool for Structured Data Is As Easy As Point, Click, and Tag

Google’s HighLighter Tool A Game Changer Early this December, 2012; Google made waves in the internet marketing world by introducing their newest webmaster tool, data highlighter. The Google Data Highlighter Tool will remind you of a simple website building interface such as Wix and can be referred to as a WYSIWYG (what you see is […]

San Diego Logo Design

Are you looking for help with logo design in San Diego county? DinoMite SEO offers professional and quality logo design to help give your company and or your business the professional look, feel, and brand image that you’ve always desired. Our team of graphic designers has been designing for years and is dedicated to creating […]