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Real Estate Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Delivers Unprecedented Online Targeting Capabilities

Facebook Carousel Ads

For The First Time In Advertising History Reach Your Customers by: 

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Income
  • Shopping (behavioral online shopping history….. do they buy shoes?)
  • Life Events (anniversaries, marriages, engagements, birthdays, etc.)
  • Ethnicity
  • Location (down to zip code)
  • Social Connections (to competitors businesses, industry events, associations, etc)
  • Career 
  • Education
  • Hobbies (gardening, pets, guitar, travel, boats, cars, motorcycles, etc)
  • Sports (Football, Basketball, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, skydiving)
  • Beauty (down to product branding preferences)
  • Spending Power (history of how they spend money online)
  • And 1000’s of other targeting factors!

We Can Even Target Past Website Visitors (who didn’t purchase) with a Retargeting Ad….

facebook lead ads local

Collect email leads directly on Facebook… Or Offer Coupons to Loyal Customers to increase LCV.

Facebook advertising agency

Are You a Service Based Business? We can drive mobile calls without needing a website!

local advertising on Facebook

With Our Phone Call Tracking Report You’ll know Exactly How Many Leads Were Generated….

Facebook ad call tracking

Here’s a sample of our clients that are already capitalizing on Facebook ads!

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John Brackett


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