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Skydive Dropzone Marketing

How We Helped Skydive Elsinore Achieve Their Highest Revenue Month Since 2012 With Facebook Ads

Background: Skydive Elsinore (The Longest Running Skydive Operation in North America) Approached us for a Facebook Advertising Campaign after hearing about our award winning digital marketing services.

Strategy: Our Team leveraged several pieces of video content, email lists, buyer lists, and past website audiences in combination with cold audience targeting to deliver advertisements to the most targeted local audience on Facebook.

skydive facebook marketing

Results: A viral Facebook Ad campaign which generated:

  • $0.41 Per website visitor
  • 2453 targeted website visitors
  • Reached 35,121 visitors within a 30 mile radius in 7 days
  • Resulted in 100’s of social shares, comments, and
  • Resulted in the Most Profitable Month since 2012 for Skydive Elsinore



What Our Client Said: “Business Doubled over the Weekend”

Here’s The Email Our client sent us 5 days after we launched the campaign! (below)

skydiving marketing services

Example Photos:

 A Glance at a few of the ads we ran for Skydive Elsinore. Just look at that social interaction.

dropzone marketing with facebook ads

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