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Funnel Consultant Society By Dino Gomez

Funnel Consultant Society By Dino Gomez

Are You Struggling To Get Results with Facebook ads?

Want to add an extra 10k/month or more to your agency?

A Note From Dino Gomez

Do you lack an online presence for your business? Are you not getting results running Facebook ads? Are you just looking to establish a side income for yourself? Well, we have just the skillset training for you: Facebook Advertising.

Quite often, businesses are at a loss for technical and creative skills when it comes to operating their Facebook pages and especially with ads.  While on one hand, organic posts have become worthless. Facebook took away organic reach from fan pages in 2017 and less businesses use Facebook advertising. In fact, as low as only 4% of businesses advertise on Facebook!

Consider these two scenarios: You can either attempt to sell SEO and have an elaborate discussion that seo takes time to get rankings, which may or may not yield results. OR you can let your client know that their local business will have a targeted audience of 50,000 customers in a $50 budget.

Which is the client more likely to choose?

How about a delicious cherry on the cake? You can also let your client know that with those 50,000 local residents, you can also particularly target their exact audience by age, gender, interests, net worth, shopping behaviors, & 100 other targeting factors.

Now that is the real hook. Your client is in!

The point is simple: businesses need leads, sales, and customers. The more the merrier!

With the right skill sets, you can offer businesses a consistent flow of leads whether as a freelance consultant or as part of an agency.

When businesses rely on Facebook as a form of advertising, they will pay you substantially every month to attract new customers.

Now you may ask: how is this different from gaining leads through organic traffic, cold email outreach, and other traffic sources? Well, they have their limits, mainly a lack of predictability.

Trust me on this; I’ve owned an agency for 8 years straight. And doing so, I discovered the real power of Facebook advertising in 2014, when we tried it for ourselves. The result? Our revenue and profit margins skyrocketed once we integrated Facebook ads!

While we still have SEO services, our experience with offering one verse both has taught us how to improve our client’s results. We can now confidently charge twice or three times the rate because we complement Facebook advertising with other services which produces even more results.

Having additional services means you add value, and with higher value yields a higher earning for you!  

The key is adding this skill set properly to understand Facebook ads and get results. With proper training, you could master the skill in no time.

Facebook advertising can be overwhelming because of the 100’s of targeting and placement options available, type of ads, text copy, and more. However, those very options also make the advertising powerful.

We understand the frustration of finding the ad copy that converts, targeting the right audience, and understanding Facebook business manager, and that’s why we are here!

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In our Facebook Advertising Program at Funnel Consultant Society, we will help you with the successful Facebook ad combinations that have converted, the target market, and understanding Facebook ads so that you can set up and manage ads that attract customers! No need to guess anymore.

What does the program offer?

A one-stop solution to all your confusion, instead of wasting hours on designing new landing pages and perfect ad copies, we offer you the facebook ad training, ad copy templates, video templates, landing page templates, and support to crush Facebook ads for yourself and for your clients!

It’s true. This is the newest and most updated Ads program in the market. And we didn’t say that; that’s what are member reviews claim! Now if this sounds like something you can’t miss, then carry on reading to know more about the program.  

Our Facebook ads program is designed to be everything you will need to know in order to master faccebook ads effectively and quickly. We teach you how to attract prospects all the way to the ability to get the clients results with your Facebook ad campaigns.


Secrets to attraction and automation

We show you how our agency can handle multiple clients simultaneously and still continue to grow. With proper client attraction secrets and then automating the process it can make your job easier and help you grow your agency.

Cheat sheets of campaign setups

You will get well designed cheat sheets to help you along the way, with screenshots and directional arrows making it easy to understand. You can then pass these cheat sheets off to a VA or employee to help you grow your business without having to have on-going training and videos, these are easy to read and follow along.

Principles of a successful ad campaign

A successful ad campaign comes down to the audience, offer, and funnel. We show you how to integrate all 3 elements together to launch spellbinding ads that will captivate your target audiences.

Converting Acquisition Funnel

Along with leads, clients also need to understand how to convert those leads into sales. We provide the exact funnel strategy that one of our members, Andrew Mcburney used. From it he was able to generate 10 leads, 3 new clients, with only $17 in ad spend. When you show your prospects a funnel strategy to convert their leads you can mesmerize them with your services.

Viral Facebook Ad Copy

Having viral facebook ads means more customers, more engagement, and cuts your cost per lead down. We provide you with techniques to boost the performance of your ads and get social engagement.

A Private Funnel Consultant Facebook Group

This is a facebook group of other 6-7 figure funnel consultants that you can ask questions, get support and advice that can make your campaigns stand among everyone else and get great results. Your able to ask questions any time and get answers form those having success.

The future of Facebook ads

We understand that traffic sources and algorithms are always changing, and with that we must stay on top of our game and competition. We’ve been testing a new type of Facebook ads for the upcoming market to help you with the future of Facebook ads.

Secrets of Video Marketing Ads

Video ads can improve your cost per lead, engagement, and make you stand apart from your competition. You’ll learn how to produce converting video ads in little as 10 minutes or less.

Brand yourself with our fitted Funnel Consultant T-Shirts!

Once you join, you are a part of a supportive community! We will ship you a form fitted t-shirt stating you’re a Funnel Consultant.

Join other Marketing Consultants from around the world

We have a support team you can reach out with any questions at any time or just chat about their current ad results!


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