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In July 2014, as soon as Google launched its ‘Pigeon’ algorithm update, SEO (search engine optimization) for local websites has been rendered something extremely important and vital for the success of local sites and businesses alike, especially in terms of mobile and handheld devices. Have a look at your own search patterns if you’re still not convinced by Google’s statements – how many times in the past week/month have you searched online for a local shop, bar, restaurant, doctors office, gym, movie theatre, and the like?…

Palos Verdes Estates Local Marketing Is Powerful!

How many times have you included ‘near me’ at the end of your search inquiries? A large number of us do this quite often, some might say daily. There is no doubt that local inquiries are so common and heavily connected to our daily lives, interactions and activities. However, I can’t keep track of the amount of local websites I’ve seen that are not utilizing local optimization. I have personally done business with several companies whose creators don’t understand how immensely critical the weight of having a local SEO strategy is. They can’t see just how big of a missed opportunity it is for their business to not be on the leading edge considering what customers want, and when they want it – which is usually, right now. At this point you’re probably wondering “What’s the secret to acquiring a high local ranking?

What tactics can I learn to use that most people don’t know about?…” In the case that you were expecting an article all about the secret, innovative and revolutionary SEO for local sites that no one has ever disclosed before, then you might leave discouraged; but don’t give up just yet! In all honesty, a successful local SEO strategy is usually one that local business owners already have in place on a more national scale, but it just isn’t hitting the mark locally. I discuss below the distinct local SEO strategy’s that I personally recommend to my clients, and tactics I know have proven to be hugely successful given high SERP ranks and an increase in local origin traffic. Yet, the most important thing to remember here is trust in these tactics, and resource investment at a local level.

Construct Geo-Location Pages (This is a geo page targeting just Palos Verdes Estates SEO)

In my experience, this is the absolute hardest strategy to acquire client buy-ins. Constructing completely engaging and unique content for every business location can be very time consuming and labour-intensive. More often than not, a website won’t even have an actual location page, and if it does – you can pretty much guarantee that it’s copied and pasted from national pages over to local ones. This is bad for two reasons; your site can get ding’d with duplicate content penalties, and it also won’t help with your local ranking. You can implement ‘canonical’ tags from a tactical angle; but the national pages are generally named the canonical versions, which usually means that leaves the lowly local pages with little to almost no chance of ranking.

If a business is selling pretty much the same items or services at each of their locations, it becomes very difficult to describe and converse about these items/services in different ways. Please find below various ideas about content creating at a local level, for your About, Home, Contact and News pages:

  • The business owner(s) background storie(s)
  • Relevant information on things that are unique to the local area/business
  • ​Reviews from customers (testimonials, videos etc.)
  • ​Directions for those driving
  • ​Your local events
  • ​Background/spotlight on Employee’s
  • ​Any press coverage
  • ​Some case studies
  • ​Spotlight on local clientele
  • Inputting this information into a survey format to ensure the business owner(s) get help in assembling data to make local content more quickly and effectively.

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Also, in order to find out whether your optimized page(s) stand a chance to achieve an organic rank, you might want to examine competitor landscape for all of the potential keywords phrases. Finally, it should always be your goal to maintain the best practices whenever it is possible, and make sure to keep within the character limitation so that the SERP’S don’t cut your title and description tags short.

Please find some tools that I tend to use when doing local SEO below:

  • The Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool – (Requires an account, and also note that maintaining a higher ad spend will make your search volume data more specific.)
  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer Tool. (Requires a Moz subscription.)
  • The Google SERP Preview tool.

NAP & Local Citations

Citation are any time your business gets mentioned on the internet, to put it simply. If you’re listed on Chamber of Commerce pages or a local Palos Verdes Estates directory, these are two legitimate and pretty common examples. Citations are very important to validate your business’s contact info; they also add credibility to your business, and heighten the likeliness of receiving a high local rank. Business’s that have multiple locations should make consistency their main focus.

Your NAP (name/address/phone number) must be recorded on your page since it’s in your “Google My Business” profile, and all other listings online. The completeness of your site is also imperative. It would be in your best interest to ensure that all local info is listed and fully completed. These steps are necessary to achieve success in local Google searches. Use the Moz tool to check for any inconsistencies as it is a very useful tool.

Hyper Local Optimization in Palos Verdes Estates, California

You can also boost the local ranking of your pages by optimizing their metadata. This can be done easily by updating the description and title tags. Location level keyword research can be implemented to discover the most relevant phrases and keywords to mark.

Linking Internally

You create internal links when one of your pages hyperlinks to a different page on the same website – and these can also help increase your local rank. “Link juice” is what these links are called in SEO terms. It is the term for the capital a page has, established by several factors such as (but not limited to), various internal links, quality backlinks, alluring and standalone content, etc.

Internal links render deeper pages more easily accessible by search engine bots an users alike. Ideally, your top navigational pages would link to a reciprocal sub-navigation page, and so on, and so forth. In doing this, you pass on a fraction of credibility from the linking page.

The main challenge here, is mostly the investment of time. Sure, it’s a difficult task to come up with completely unique content for all your locations. It can be time-consuming to implement SEO tactic’s on all your local pages and to ensure accuracy of all your citations. But rest assured, the payoff is going to taste so sweet when you succeed at getting your clients to focus on optimizing locally, and understanding why it’s so very vital to their success.

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