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9 Internet Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman

Bail bond marketing is different than advertising for other products or services.  Most products and services have the ability to wait for a sale.  People will come across an advertisement for a certain product or service enough that they will eventually try it.  Bail bonds are needed immediately.  Most people do not have the luxury of time when looking for a bail bond.  Remember these eight key ways to advertise to those that need a bail bond quick.  

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Make Your Phone Number Visible

To help someone with their need for a bail bond a phone call will need to be made.  Anyone that is looking for a bail bond will have to initiate this call.  It is the number one goal of an advertisement or marketing strategy.  Conversion is the task that a company wants a person that is on their website to take.  The goal is to use the website to convert passive searchers into active callers.  

Having an easily found phone number on a web page will make it easy for someone to call.  Emphasize the number in any way possible, whether it be striking colors or a different font.  Encourage people to call immediately to begin the process.  

PPC – Call Only Campaigns

Phone calls are the number one goal in marketing for bail bonds.  Many people that are searching for a bail bond will be using a smartphone to do so.  This means anything linking to the website must be optimized to be viewed and used on a mobile device.  

A call only campaign is going to help convert those searchers into callers.  Call-only campaigns are a part of pay-per-click advertising.  This campaign will only work on a cell phone.  The advertisement will show the phone number, website, and small portion to advertise the business.  Once clicked it will prompt the user to call, instead of redirecting them to a website.

Optimized Web Content 

Anyone that is searching for bail bonds wants to find the best company to help them with their needs.  While a website or advertisement should explain why the company is better than the competition, it should not be too wordy.  A simplified version of why the company is better than others will help someone who is searching make a decision quickly.

Information is great, but too much information will bog down a reader.  If there is so much that they need to reread portions of text to understand they will likely click away.  Precise wording will help push people from passive searchers to active callers.  

Focus on Mobile Optimization 

There are some people that will use a home computer or laptop to search for bail bonds.  However, the majority of people will be using a mobile device.  It is vital to focus on optimizing the website to work fluidly on a mobile device.  Using mobile-responsive website design will ensure that all viewers are reached.  This design will help format the website to fit any device it is viewed on, regardless of the display size.  

Cohesive Digital Marketing Campaign

Marketing has widely been changed to an online based operation.  There are two ways to make sure competitors are not the top searched website.  Using SEO and PPC will help a website stay at the top of searches and be the go-to page for viewers.

Search Engine Optimization is focused on showing viewers content that is directly connected with what terms or keywords they searched.  This is a technique that is not paid for like PPC and can help a website gain popularity on search engines like Google.

Pay Per Click is a marketing strategy that costs the business money.  Google Adwords often used with PPC marketing.  The strategy relies on a bidding system that determines what a business pays per click.  The cost-per-click is what the business pays for a click from a PPC ad.  This cost may change depending on the advertisement, competitors in the market, and what the link is connected to.  

These links will be connected to a landing page.  A landing page is a web page that is tailored to certain keywords that are related to the business.  It can talk about different aspects of the business or be a call to action page that encourages people to call the business.

Keyword Selection 

There are so many ways to market to people, especially with the use of the internet.  Different marketing strategies will work for different businesses.  It is important to know which strategies will help the business immediately and what strategies take longer to have an effect.  

Making sure any marketing strategy has the correct keywords will help to bring in more customers.  Using words that are commonly associated with bail bonds will help to optimize SEO and PPC marketing campaigns.  

call to action

Trust, Authority, Reputation Building

A consumer that trusts a brand or business is more likely to order a product or service.  There are many ways to pain this trust in a brand.  Having a professional, well-organized, and appealing website will help to gain the trust of consumers.  A website that encourages trust and is also designed for conversion will bring more awareness to the business and will be much more successful.  

Having an area that allows past customers to leave reviews will help foster this trust as well.  This will help the business gain social proof.  Social proof is the interest gained by using other customer reviews to encourage new customers to use the service.

Answer Questions Before They Are Asked

There are typical questions that people have about any business, especially with bail bonds.  Having a portion of the web page dedicated to these commonly asked questions will help people learn more about the business.  

The number one goal for any business is to attract more customers.  Most businesses are able to do this by converting visitors to their online web page into active customers.  With a bail bonds business, there are certain marketing strategies that will work more than others.  Using strategies that concentrate on an instant impact on a consumer will greatly help the business gain more interest.  To get more people using the bail bonds service they must be not only looking at the website, but following through with a phone call.  

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