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What is SEO

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“SEO”: What is it?

To make a long story short, Search Engine Optimization is a blanket term for all the strategies and tactics to make sure your website has as much visibility in search engines online for as many relevant keywords as possible . As an example, if you are a marketing design agency in California, you’d want your site to turn up in searches for “San Diego web design”, or San Diego SEO. Choosing the key terms you want to optimize your site for is the most important step you take in optimization – but more on that later.

Onsite Vs. Off-site SEO

This fool proof guide will breakdown SEO into two unique categories; On-Site, and Off-Site techniques. On-Site techniques are things you can do on your personal website to help optimize your page and it’s contents. Off-site techniques are things that can be done off of your website to help you get the maximum exposure for your business and in turn drive all that traffic back to your site. Both of these techniques are extremely important and necessary when starting your SEO journey.

“SEM”: What is it?

SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”, or the purchasing of online advertisements. Unlike SEM, with SEO you are paying for the expertise and service of driving natural website visitors to your site. With SEM, you are buying paid ads and there is a cost for both the advertisement space and the service of placing these ads. SEM can be very costly to you depending on how you go about it, which is not ideal; especially for new business owners. Please remember that SEO and SEM should never be confused with one another. But when used together, it really is the best approach to optimizing your site. .

That being said, SEM can be very useful in certain scenarios. Given that San Diego SEO techniques can sometimes take up to a couple months to implement and see results from, SEM can then be used to link your site up with high levels of online traffic. SEM is also beneficial if you’d like to try and optimize even more traffic than your SEO tactics have given you.

What is the Value of Search Engine Optimization?

This is a non-direct answer but the value of San Diego SEO services depends on the specifics of your business. What products or services you have to offer, your profits margins, your average customer value, and the cash flow in your business all relate to how valuable SEO is for you.

You can understand that SEO is extremely valuable to an attorney considering each new client is worth 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars to them depending on their specific area of expertise.

What we can say is that advertising on the radio/television, in newspapers, and sending flyers or postcards is not as directly effective as inbound marketing. You have no way of knowing if the person you’re advertising to has any interest whatsoever in your business, product, or service. It’s a crap shoot, for lack of a better term.

SEO enables you to be in a position to get yourself seen by the people who are actually interested in doing business with you – since you know they have conducted a search with your optimized terms. This opens up a calculated flood of new business that you otherwise could not reach directly depending on the keywords you are targeting. This is why citations such as Yelp listings, positive PR, and influence marketing are massively important.

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Our SEO Experts Approach To Organic Traffic Optimization

Search engine optimization work should never be “invisible”. In fact our clients always understand what we are doing and how it is positively impacting their positioning in Google. In short our experts are following a comprehensive guideline provided publicly by Google to business and website owners to make necessary website changes. These updates are consistent and are necessary on an on-going basis.

Additionally our team leverages a series of tactics to acquire “public relation” links that point back to your website. Each “public relation” link increases the authority and credibility of your website in Google.

Search engine optimization works by following the basic of these 4 criteria:

Site architecture, formatting, & coding (On-Page– keyword density optimization, the formatting & site hierachry of webpages, content placement, & code optimization.

Website Authority (Off-Page SEO) – The trustworthiness and credibility of your site is a huge element in it’s ranking results.

Website Backlinks/Reputation (Off-Page) – If trustworthy sites are linking back to your page, you will see a definite traffic increase.

Social Graph and Traffic (Off-Page) – The connectivity and traffic of your website within people’s social graph is not the most reliable or significant, but it’s becoming more and more important and worth looking into.

Check out our on-page data sheet for more details on the strategy and technique behind on-site optimization.



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