6 Reasons You Must Adopt Responsive Web Design in 2015

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Browsing the internet using mobile devices has become normal for millions of users. In many markets the time spent online via smartphones and tablets is much higher than the time spent browsing the internet using traditional computers. Companies which want to remain competitive online need to adapt to the new ways their customers are accessing their […]

14 Steps to SEO Web Design Success

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There are seven major steps to successful SEO web design. And for the sake of time, we’re jumping right into ’em. Buckle up. Here we go! 1). Ensure Your Site Is Developed Using Responsive Design This is by far priority number one. Responsive web design will make sure all visitors  (no matter what device they […]

11 Steps: How To Change Domain Names & Keep Rankings

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There are 11 important SEO steps to consider when redesigning your website and more importantly switching domain names. Because the concept of time is awesome, we’ll jump right into them. 1). Export URL’s using Google Webmaster tools If you’re taking your internet marketing & SEO seriously then you have Google Webmaster tools installed to monitor […]

4 of The Top Free Online Web Design Resources of 2013

Author: Lucas Rohm, Owner of Mission Bay Media, A San Diego web design firm. Whether your field of expertise or interest is in Internet Marketing, Web Design and Development or SEO, it’s always nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve for your clients or friends. If you’re involved in editing or administering a […]

Why Google Loves Mobile Responsive Website Design

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Before we jump into the necessity of building a mobile responsive website in 2012 lets first answer the question, what is a mobile responsive website? A mobile responsive website is essentially a website that will format itself to be most cohesive with any browser and on any device be it an iphone, ipad, Android, tablet, […]