Local SEO Tips – Get Listed Locally

Simple SEO

One of the easiest search engine optimization strategies is to ensure that your business has been listed and or indexed by several of the major search engines. The importance of directory listings for local businesses cannot be mistaken but is similarly crucial for all websites in any industry. In the past listing your website in search engine directories was a task that was a bit more difficult to complete as you had to discover and visit all sites separately. Today the task is made easier by one simple SEO tool however is a bit more time consuming as there are a greater number of directories and search engines for which you will want to submit your business website.

The simple SEO tool that we have to share today will allow you to check the current status of your website listed at the major search engines and directories all from one dashboard. The website itself is called, getlisted.org and is free for anyone to use. Getlisted.org is powerful and requires only that you submit your business name and zip code in order to get started.

What simple SEO tricks do you use to help your business website listing?