How to SEO?

How To Do SEO

SEO is simple in concept but difficult in application. It requires the relentless study and implementation of new strategy. Part of what makes search engine optimization so exciting is that it is forever changing. At least that is what an SEO expert will tell you. If you are new to SEO then you might find the game to be exhausting and uninteresting. No matter where your understanding lies we are here to help you understand how a little bit more about how to do SEO.

SEO Basics

Content Generation

If you know nothing about SEO and would like the easiest strategy for gaining website traffic then we would tell you to aim to create as much content as possible. You can never create enough content on your website. Excuse me, you can never create enough quality content on your website. The keyword here (no pun on words) is, “quality”.  People love reading something of value. If you can provide your readers with informational value of some sort then they will continue to remain on your site. They will return to your website and they may even share your site with others.

We may have wandered off topic for a moment but content generation is crucial for your website ranking. The more content you create the better chance of a search engine bot crawling your website. Tips include using keywords in your blog post titles, subtitles, title tags, and meta description. Avoid keyword stuffing and aim to target 3-4 keywords per page of your site.

Directory Submission

Besides creating pages and pages of content directory submission is another rather easy strategy for improving your website ranking. Simple Google the phrase, “directory submission” and you will learn of thousand of free and or paid directories for which you can submit your website and business information. With each directory submission you will gain the opportunity to create a backlink to your website. Creating backlinks to your website may be the most important strategy for increasing your overall website ranking.

Link Building

The number of inbound links (links pointing to your website) may well be the most important factor for which search engines determine your page rank. You can never have enough quality inbound links to your website. Once again the keyword here is “quality”. Gaining quality links is not the same as gaining random links to your website. The goal is to have websites that are similar in nature to your site linking to you. Search engines see this as a recommendation from a potential competitor and thus if they are advising their website visitors to check you out, you must have a website worthy of a high ranking.

Their are many link building strategies. Link dropping is the tactic of making relevant and honest comments on blogs and or chat rooms and leaving a link back to your website for which to continue the conversation. Bookmarking is the process of submitting individual pages of your website with valuable content to social networking website for the purpose of providing insightful information to readers of the network. Of course with bookmarking you are expected to link back to the website for which the valuable information sits.

Content generation, directory submission, and link building are the foundations of how to do SEO. These are strategies that will help to get you on the right path to a better website ranking. Basic SEO strategy will help search engines to index a website.

Advanced SEO strategies will get your website on the first page of Google. Advanced SEO strategies include URL mapping, Local listings, writing anchor text, keyword selection, creating meta tags, sitemap generation, 301 URL redirects, and more.